Symantec Focuses on Partner's Expertise

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Symantec Focuses on Partner's Expertise

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The relation between suppliers and their partners are related. For a better development in the market, there need to be proper awareness among the channel partners about the item. So, Symantec concentrates on the expertise of partners to grow even more.

Soaring market shares and untapped capacity is exactly what making Symantec to invest more and their partners are likewise getting the fruits of good time. As a symbol of spreading out the message, grow together, Symantec is spending for partner's enablement. The company is not just focusing on its security organisation however also on Info Management and storage company and offering know-how and training to partners in each classification.

For gearing up partners, Symantec has designed different programs and tools for channel partners. Symantec partners can have benefit of Symantec University which is an online tool to assist them in training, sales, and solutions. Together with Sym University, Symantec is offering Partner Internet to connect with partners. Under Partner Internet, there is a tool for partners called Sym Brain which permit partners to relate client's problems and discover options for the problem to use its customer complete consultancy for any organisation associated issues.

As a part of enablement, the company has begun brand-new effort to specializing partners. They announce different accreditation for different level of specialization. What partners can get out of Symantec in 2010 is training and enablement, margin and schemes, benefits and multiple tools to assist them.

Besides, Symantec is providing large product portfolio of system, security and storage to use consolidated services to consumers. There was the time client believes to calculate roi and for some time they have been calculated return on year. However today's growing pattern is to determine return on the other day. We are training our partners to offer client such options, he concluded.

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