Promoting Your Book Online With Goodreads

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Promoting Your Book Online With Goodreads

Сообщение mzhubr » 28 фев 2017, 17:59 is among the premiere social networking websites for book fans. At this site you can make good friends, share book suggestions, produce virtual bookshelves to display what you're currently checking out, the books you have actually read in the past, and titles you plan to check out in the future. The short article below details a couple of functions of the site in addition to a number of ways that I have successfully promoted and marketed my own book.

I will not get into the technical side of things as far as the best ways to join the site or set these things up, as the site itself is good at strolling you through the process.

1. Author Page
2. Status Updates
3. Groups and Online forums
4. Giveaways
5. Evaluations
6. Paid Advertisements
7. In Closing
8. Extra Resources


If your brand-new book has an ISBN number or is published for sale on Amazon then it's more than likely that your title will be searchable in the site's database. As soon as you have registered for a Goodreads account and situated your book, you will have the ability to click a magic button to inform the website that you are the writer of the book and will be led through the process on ways to establish an author page.

You'll be able to develop an author bio on your own that will list the books you have written, a link to your site, your category, your preferred authors, also a photo. Ensure everything is professional looking and sounding so you immediately have reliability as an author. This is most likely the very first information your prospective readers are visiting or read about you. Make a great first impression!

Goodreads has its own blog service which will display any posts you make to your profile, but ideally you're one action ahead of the game and currently have a blog site (and an expert looking) site of your own. In the blog site settings you can place the web address of your blog's feed and anytime you update your regular blog, it will instantly cross-post to Goodreads where pals and possible fans will see it. It will put the very first couple of paragraphs on the website and then link externally to your routine blog ... and as soon as those readers are on your real website, hopefully you have adequate material to keep them there, eventually leading them to that eventful Amazon link where they can acquire your title!

If you have any big events showing up, whether it's the actual release date of your book, a blog site trip, or a book finalizing, list it here! You can then promote the event to your friends and they can decide whether they will go to. If nothing else, it reveals possible readers (and publishers) that you're a difficult employee and going to do your very own promotion.

Video book trailers are all the rage this year, so if you have your own hosted on YouTube, or other online video service, you can connect it here and your readers will be able to enjoy it right from the Goodreads site (and hopefully buy your unique not long after!). Other good videos to publish include author interviews, public speaking engagements, or an individual reading from a chapter of your book. It's much easier to sell a book when somebody seems like they understand the author, so get personal! Just don't get so individual that you end up exposing your social security or charge card numbers to your viewers! That would be ridiculous.

Another area on your author page lets you post writings. This can be whatever you like! Many times you'll see great evaluations of the book reposted here, sample chapters, and increasingly more authors are putting brand name brand-new product online in order to get feedback as they compose the sequel to their existing novel. Interactivity is the essential to a strong and devoted readership!

Quotes motivates all of its members to share quotes from books they like. You can put quotes from your favorite books, inspiring phrases, or (if you're crafty) you'll submit quotes from your book that will be attention grabbing. These quotes will likewise appear on your book's Goodreads page. Between the "Writing" section and the "Quotes" sections, there suffices space to include some good snippets to obtain people reading your work, and ideally it likewise makes them feel like they NEED TO complete it, and subsequently purchase the book!

The last area of the author page that I want to mention is the "Fan" area where people can click a single button and become a fan. Your name and photo will then show up on their profile beneath their "Favorite Authors" area, and they will be upgraded whenever you publish a brand-new book, brand-new writings, or a brand-new blog post. Whatever keeps them coming back! Keep in mind that the typical individual has to be exposed to something nearly 7 times before they choose to purchase it!

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