Hurricanes and Typhoons - The Differences In between Asian and Occidental Thinking

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Hurricanes and Typhoons - The Differences In between Asian and Occidental Thinking

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America is the wealthiest nation on the planet. I have no problem with individuals opting to reside in mobile houses, even in cyclone alley. But people need to live with the repercussions of their options. Americans are richer than people in Hong Kong, yet there are no mobile houses in Hong Kong. Hong Kong remains in the South China Sea, dead in the middle of " " Almost every year tropical storms hit Hong Kong. There are no flimsy houses or apartment in Hong Kong due to the fact that they would blow away. In order to have a safe and strong house, some poor people in Hong Kong should make numerous challenging sacrifices. They may not be able to manage a vehicle, or pay for to send their kids to school, or might not even be able to afford a pair of shoes for 10 years while they conserve their cash to purchase a house. The poor people in Hong Kong might live without a house at all for several years and work for years to save adequate cash to purchase a house. Everyone has an option. All people on the planet's richest nation have lots of options. The problem is that far too often they pick the path of least resistance since it is simple and if they fail there is a safety net.

There is a large disconnect between behavior and effects in America. If you buy a mobile house in cyclone street, you can expect relief if a catastrophe hits. Time and time once again I see the after-effects interviews where the troubled victims of the storm vow to restore. Why? They enjoy it there. Insurance coverage (normally either federal government subsidized or mandated insurance coverage) will select up the tab. They will not restore to endure cyclones because construction costs would be expensive. Likewise they would lose the natural charm if their home looked like a bunker. If someone chooses to take the simple path so they can have exactly what they desire today without suffering and compromising, then they need to need to deal with the repercussions of their options. In Hong Kong individuals understand that they will need to live with the effects of their actions so they act more responsibly and they make much better options when it concerns real estate. Sometimes it takes them many years of saving, while 4 or five households reside in a tiny cramped apartment without any personal privacy, however they need to make the sacrifices so that they can have a safe home at a long time in the future for the next generation. There is a big distinction in character of individuals in America and Hong Kong.

The dearth of fire engine in Asia.

I have never seen even one single fire truck in Hong Kong, Mainland China, or South Korea, yet couple of structures in these locations burn down. Every town in America has a fire department and fire trucks. In spite of all the fire trucks and firemens numerous buildings burn every year in America. Why the disparity? Wood is gorgeous, natural, and simple to utilize in building. Most Asians choose building and construction products that are less flammable than wood. Simply mentioned, Asian build utilizing less flammable materials. Asians have the tendency to be frugal and practical in many matters. They might spend a little more initially to utilize steel, rebar, concrete, and glass instead of wood but those products go a long method in decreasing fire threats.

There are devastating wildfires every year in America where lots of houses are burned. In the post catastrophe interviews, almost all the troubled victims of the wildfires promise to rebuild, in the exact same place. Why not? Somebody else will choose up the tab. It is stunning there, and the rate is right. Simply puts, it is simple. That sums it up. Americans like things simple.

If bad Asian nations can build buildings that are not fire threats, and will not blow away in storms, what cannot the wealthiest nation on earth do it? The answer is that obviously we can, but we do not want to. The essential distinction is in the American character. Wood is gorgeous, concrete and steel are ugly. Americans do not have to choose awful since we can manage exactly what is lovely, even if it is short-lived. In addition to the charm of wood, it is more affordable to build from wood and less expensive to live in a mobile home rather than a standard house. Americans want things rapidly. Where Chinese families might save to two or three generations to buy a house and make tremendous personal sacrifices to be able to pay for a home, Americans do not like to make individual sacrifices.

Rewarding poor choices has actually entered into the American fabric and many Americans these days think it is an advantage. I disagree. If an individual in America is a smart, tough working, sincere tax-paying resident, that individual can anticipate little or no help from the federal government. If an individual makes lots of bad choices in life, that person can anticipate considerable help from the government. Rewarding poor choices results in more individuals making bad choices. This leads to changing the character of the people in time. Herbert Spencer put it more lucidly when he said:

" The supreme result of protecting males from the results of folly is to fill the world with fools."-- Herbert Spencer (English theorist, 1820-1903).

Instead of hearkening Spencer's warnings, the new American motto seems to be: consume, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may lose the lap of luxury.

Anybody must have the right to choose to buy a mobile home, or reside in an easily combustible wood house if they wish to. Nevertheless, the resident must need to deal with whatever effects occur from that decision. If the house is blown away or burned down, that should work as an example to others. What lesson did you learn from the Three Little Pigs fairy tale? I believe that everybody needs to can build their homes from straw or sticks if they opt to do so. However, I do not think that I should choose up the tab for them.

Americans have actually been shielded from the results of recklessness for a couple of generations now. If you want to see what the future likely holds for us, see the Mike Judge film "Idiocracy.".

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